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Why buy a spa made in USA?

Posted by marketing on Feb 23, 2015 4:02:00 PM

Are you looking for a great spa hot tub? Please consider buying one made in America. There are a number of reasons to purchase your hot tub from the many great spa companies made here in the USA.


Chances are if you've been combing the internet you've seen numerous spa deals that seem to good to be true. That's because most online retailers claim to be the manufacturer when they're actually a reseller or third party that have never even seen the hot tub they are selling. How can you as the consumer know how to get a quality hot tub at a reasonable price? My suggestion to you would be to buy your new spa USA made.

There are tons of great hot tubs built in the USA and shipped all over the world. The spa industry started here and has gone global. You are investing your hard earned money in to a product that is designed to ease stress and tension. If your spa is USA made, it is required to meet various codes for your safety. There are electrical safety codes, fire safety, strutural integrity standards, and suction entrapment standards that are required to be met before you manufacture a spa in the USA.

Many importers either are not aware of these requirements or simply do not care what they ship to the USA if they can make a buck. After all, once they have your money what sort of recourse do you have if they are half way around the globe? A simple confirmation that your new hot tub meets Ul 1563 ensures at the very least your new hot tub is safe.


Lots of great features are important, so is a great price. None of it matters if the product falls apart, you have no access to replacement parts years from now, or worse yet, you are putting the safety of you and your children at risk.

As a purchasing agent for, I do my best to source the very best products to go in our spas. We require our products to exceed all safety and compliance standards as well as using the best hot tub parts available to construct our spas. Does this cost a little more sometimes? Sure it does. Is the best part always the one made in the USA? Not always, but whenever possible we choose made in America.

We hope that you will also.


Click here to learn about how to buy a new spa USA made. 

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