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What's The Best Swim Spa Size For You?

Posted by marketing on Apr 24, 2015 10:05:54 AM

Swim spa sizes can vary both in length and depth, but what swimspa size is best for you? There are plenty of options out there. You can go with a smaller 12 foot swim spa; a small version used strictly for swimming and exercise, or you can stretch all the way out to a 19 foot swimspa/hot tub combination with a separate body of water for hydrotherapy. 

Both options are popular with a number of sizes in between. Smaller sizes can be more practical for some cases. If you don't have enough space in your home's exterior, or if you simply don't need the space in the swim spa becuase you are a smaller person, you can elect to go with a more compact unit/swimming area.


swim-spa-size-against-currentswim spa size against current

However, if you have a taller build (over 6ft), a larger swim spa area of 14 feet is recommended. In fact, this is the size recommendation for all swim spa buyers that don't have any sort of restriction or special preference. If you are unsure who will be using the spa, it is always better to have enough space to accommodate. Also, if you're unsure of your swimming habits and paterns, better to bet on the side of caution. You never know how much room you may need in the future due to change of swim stroke. Remember, swimming in a swim spa requires the development of different muscle memory. In a swim spa, you swim against current and moving water. Most people require an adjustment period for this. Again, another reason why its commmonly recommended to get a swim spa with more space if possible. 

A swim area of 14 feet is ideal not only because it gives the swimmer enough swim area to swim, but it also gives the current enough flow area to flow. Some models are made much smaller like in the 12.5 ft range, but use the same caliber pumps and plumbing lines to generate the current. Do you want river rapids or swim spa current? Your choice. Smaller units will claim to have vairiable flow, which in most cases is true. The problem is you will never use the full flow in a small swimspa unless of course you own a kayak. Make sure you have enough space in your swimspa to take on the current.


swim-spa-kayakswim spa kayak

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