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Water exercise in a swim spa

Posted by marketing on May 14, 2015 7:22:00 PM

Water Exercise is growing at a rapid pace across the world and especially across America, and especially in swim spas. Now that hot tub buyers have the chance to upgrade from a hot tub to an exercise swim spa affordably, they are taking advantage and in the end, improving their quality of life.

The bouyancy of the swim spa water and the controled tempurature make it perfect environment for an array of water exercises. You can choose between horizontal, or vertical exercises to target different muscle groups and cardiovascular benefits. This allows you to jog in place against a light current, or go full throttle against the swim spa jets with any major swim stroke.




Water exercise in swim spas with the current off includes even more variety. You can experience any kind of resistance training and range of motion exercises while using the natural bouyancy of the water to your advantage. Most water exercise spas include stainless steel bars on the edge and in the front of the unit to assist with stretching and endurance.

Water bouyancy makes exercising easy on the joints allowing you to push the limits of your regular out of water workout to levels you never thought possible. Before you know it you may want to try using aquatic exercise equipment that comes with most water exercise swim spas to open the door to an entirely new level of resistance training and conditioning.


Water exercise is now affordable and can be a part of your life in your own back yard with a water exercise swim spa unit installed. 

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