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Can Hot Tubs Lower Blood Pressure?

Posted by marketing on Feb 19, 2015 8:20:00 PM

Recent studies show that decreased blood pressure is among the many health benefits of hot tubs and hydrotherapy. This is an exciting find for those suffering from high blood pressure and poor circulation where regular vigorous exercise is not quite enough.

Hot water therapy triggers a key process of increased blood circulation known as vasodilation which refers to the widening of blood vessels near the outer tissue. When the body is exposed to hot water, the muscles become relaxed, and the blood vessels widen allowing increased circulation throughout the body. As an added bonus, once the blood vessels become more dilated, the affects of hot water and massage can stimulate nerves otherwise unreachable without hot water therapy. When stimulated these nerves help strengthen the digestive and immune systems.




Hot tubs and hot water therapy is not for all that suffer from high blood pressure. In fact, for those who have been advised by a doctor to limit vigorous cardiovascular exercise, it is not at all a good idea to go overboard with hot water therapy. The reason being the vasodilation that occurs from hot water exposure is the same that occurs from exercise, and some high blood pressure cases do not benefit from such process. However, this type of high blood pressure is rare, and most people suffering from poor blood circulation or high blood pressure are recommended for both hot water hydrotherapy and exercise. Read more about hot tub hydrotherapy health benefits

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